Home Cleaned and Staged by Inland Valley CleaningStaging 101

As a professional home stager, I know getting your home to have the right “look” will get your home sold fast and for more money.  To obtain that “look” here are some points to follow.

1) Your house needs to look as spacious, neutral, clean, uncluttered and as appealing as a model home.

2) Curb appeal is essential to attract a buyer.  If they are not attracted by the exterior most likely they won’t take the time for a showing of the interior.

3) Pack it or trash it, but get it out of the house.  You will have to pack to move so it will be to your advantage to begin now.  Pack anything that you don’t need for every day use.    This will give you a good start on that clean, uncluttered look.  Storage should be outside of home or at the most the garage.  Inside Rooms and Closets should be uncluttered and spacious.

4) Depersonalize: Pack up any personal or family pictures, awards or certificates.

5) Every room should have one specific function.  Extra desks in bedrooms can be removed.

6) Clean:  You want your house so clean and organized that the buyer will envision themselves living a stress free life there.  Countless studies show how a clean home sells for more, quicker.  Hiring someone is usually a good idea. Housekeepers know what to clean; but many won’t do wall/door cleaning,  windows, inside stoves, air vents, tile grout cleaning, bathroom light bulbs,  so specify these items in addition to the regular kitchen, bath and room cleaning.    There should be nothing that doesn’t sparkle.

7) Light it up:  Get rid of thick window coverings,    Turn on or add lights in dim areas.  Add task lighting for reading or under kitchen cabinets.  Accent lighting for plants or paintings

8) Smell good factor: You want someone to walk in and remark how good it smells . Plug-ins with a fresh scent.  Fresh neutral paint

9) All handyman items fixed.  Hire a handyman, have parts in home to be installed you don’t want to pay for trips to the hardware store.  A  buyer notices small things like a missing towel rack or rickety fence and even though its cheap to fix its better to do it now,  you don’t want an excuse to be given a lower bid.

10) Painting: Paint can be expensive so try to clean walls first.  Repaint any dark colors to a more neutral pallet.  Get rid of blue/black/green/red rooms. Look at model homes if stuck for color.  Garage floor can be epoxy painted if badly stained.

11) Clean Exterior:  The exterior should have a well maintained appearance with fresh looking paint.     It should have a new looking roof, clean gutters, and an attractive front porch.   Consider renting a pressure washer or hose sprayer to wash off the exterior for a fresh appearance.

12)  Yard well maintained.  Trees and bushes trimmed especially if they are blocking a window or walk-way.   Lawn mowed,  Edges crisp,  Beds weeded and with dark mulch.     Seasonal plants for color in attractive places.

13)  Final touches before a showing: Nothing out of place,    everything clean,    curtains open,   lights on,   heating/air at a comfortable setting,  A few Realtor cards  near door on table so a visiting realtor will leave his card,  Its show time.  Now leave and let the Realtor show it without you there, you can call the realtor later if you want to know  the customers reactions.

This Article written by Janice Sassman
She is a professional Home stager out of Tulsa Oklahoma