There are many corporate Microsoft Access relational databases but very few for Service Businesses.
 This design is basically for the Plumber, Contractor, Carpet installer, Carpet cleaner, Painter, Accountant, Hair Stylist, Mechanic, Photographer or others that have often been forgotten.  It has a point of sale multiline detal as well as single line entry letting you choose to itemize sale or do 1 line fast entry.  In fact just about any small business that has customer contact would find it useful.  The Customer Database can have unlimited customers, each may have unlimited single entry or multi itemized job entries.  Creating a truly relational database that has multiuser access.


My design scope was.
1 Keep simple for data entry (use one master form)
3 Allow to use in network environment (multi users at same time)
4 Go from customer entry to complete billing (have invoice creation)
5 Use Google maps for customer location (quick find button)
6 Allow to be used by Microsoft Access Run-time (No need to buy Microsoft Access)
7 Make it all good looking!
8 Use on cell phone (new not in video please read below).

Why use this Customer Database?
If your company has invoices that have never been input the value of having a database is extreme.  Find customers quickly, Sort by last serviced… repeat customer… or any applicable field for phone soliciting, invoice customers promptly for better fiscal control. Verify address by using map to Google or to better dispatch drivers.

How to use.
Since detailed directions would be very wordy I have created a youtube video for this application.  Please view it above for new changes see below.

Main Features:
The database has many features including:
1) The Database is now a compiled runtime.  This is because of the heavy coding within it and to protect it by making it less susceptible to data corruption.
2) It now has an an install program so has a compressed folder with a setup.exe file that will install itself for you.  It places an icon for the front end on the desktop and actual front end and back end in the current users Documents/Infosheets.
3) The Connect Back End button opens a browse window to connect to the back end. A separated back end is a must for database maintenance/ multiuser environment.   It must be used after new install or if back end is moved.  The install location that needs to be browsed for is the current users Documents/Infosheets/CustomerRelationalDatabasever1_be.accdb.
4) An Accounts receivable report limited by from date and to date.
5) An Income / Sales tax report limited by from and to date.
6) Selectable Invoices/Receipts that specify pd or Accounts receivable.
7) The summary line is updated from the detail line (Amounts are totaled) so both match if detail is used.
8) The detail lines include cost and taxable and calculates line totals updated to summary line and reports.
9) Print screen is now one page limited report.
10) Phone use report shows all Customer with job detail and can be saved on PDF to view on phone (Adobe pdf reader on phone can search pdf for customer and highlight customer).Addobe PDF Reader  for Android available here
11) A fully date selectable Appointment book.
12) Email creation: By double clicking email address or hitting the Invoice email button an email (sent to desktop email client like Thunderbird or Outlook) will start and popup.  The invoice email includes a subject line and attaches a pdf of the invoice to the email for fast invoicing.

Free Trial:
The free trial will only allow 5 customers to be entered but all else is the same as the full version for complete testing.  Download Here.

To Purchase:
If you would like to purchase it is available for 50.00 and should beat any private development time.

Version 1_9 update:
As seen in Video
Added help file on Customer form.  To open click small help icon at top of customer form near receipts.  This help file explains all that is in video + some more specifics about 1_8 (please read).  It is editable in rich text (highlight word and font choices pop up) this way owner can highlight or change for specific situation.

Version 1_8  update:
Major change:  Removed line item Tax in favor of summing all taxables and then multiplying by tax rate.  To remove rounding errors (large receipts were a few cents off if someone totaled all taxables and multiplied by tax rate).  Operationally no change in use just better calculations.

Added an appointment book date limitable same as income.
Added 3 receipts formatted for receipt printers.  Two for 57mm ribbon and one for 80 mm.  This Also required a 2nd tool bar on print screen view called Add-ins to set a printer other then default.  Printer tested was Star TSP 100.
Removed attached file from job expanded and put on customer form.  It now shows image on main screen, or file type if not image).  Note: this is in fact stored in the database so realize there is a 2gb limit on back end size this equates to 20,000 images at 100 kb each so use at your discretion.
Removed vibe field and repeat customer field and added drop down 1-5 customer strength field, this allows searching by strength.   A 5 could be repeat customer a 1 could be do not call.
Removed spouse field and added a Company name field.  It can now be used in a company setting as a contact manager.
Reports now have name and address concatenation for better look and a smart switch if company name used it places it on reports otherwise it uses a concatenated first and last name.  Added job id as reference on invoices and receipts.

Version 1_7 update:

Version 1_7 is a complete redo of design with many improvements.