(this version is 1-14. For network use see 1-14N below)

Many of my customers have requested additional features of our popular Customer Database for Service Businesses including Point of Sale functions

This is a full database designed to store all customer data as well as sale information for those customers.  It can be used just to store customer contact information, store simple sales by date for those customers or use full point of sale for those customers.  Business such as Repair shops,  Hair salons, Beauty salons,  Janitorial supply stores all base sales on customers can use the point of sale function while businesses that use invoice after the fact entry such as the  Plumber, Contractor, Carpet installer, Carpet Cleaner, Painter, House painter, Gardner etc.  In fact I believe the interface is rather ingeniously easy for both types of businesses as all drop downs can be overridden by just typing in fields making the use your choice.  In addition to storing sales it also lets you look up customers and make income and customer reports including accounts receivable.

My design scope was the same as the original but many times that in functionality. 
1 Keep simple for data entry (use one master form for all customer related tasks).
2 Allow either point of sale or after job invoice entry.
4 Go from customer entry to complete billing (have invoice creation).
5 Use Google® maps for customer location (quick find button)
6 Allow to be used as is nothing else to purchase or install.
7 Make it all good looking!
8 Use a receipt printer
9 Use drop downs to sell products that can be limited by subcategories
10 have use of a bar code scanner for quicker sales if desired.
11 Make it friendly to both retail and service based businesses.
12 Auto calculate change, tax and make many fields automatically update on changes.
13 Have a lot more reports such as income , tax and a full calender with find for setting appointments and better looking invoices.
14 Email includes auto attach invoices with subject line so no need to type (one button billing).
15 Import and export of full database to Excel.
16 Back up button makes a full independent database with time and date stamp saves in backup folder.

Nothing else to buy
This database has a full install and needs only the installation of the free Microsoft Access 2007 runtime. While the video above shows it as part of the download I found its better to do a separate install from Microsoft it is a large file and it is free and makes our download easier to email or download.  The free Microsoft download is available here  Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime. so pre-install it.   Then try our free trial version and if you like purchase it below our database beats all other databases in ease of use and power.

Why use this Customer POS / Jobs Database?
You can use the full power of this database to do Customer based POS or if your company has invoices that have never been input the value of this database is extreme.  Find customers quickly email an invoice and combined accounts receivable with just a click of a button.  Or find a customer see their last order and schedule a future appointment.  Invoice customers promptly for better fiscal control. Verify address by using map to Google to check if accurate data entry.  Create a compact customer list with full job description on PDF and add to a cell phone to take on the road.

How to use.
Since detailed directions would be very wordy I have created a YouTube video for this application.  Please view it above.


Trial Download:

Customer Database 1-14 Trial Version (3252)

To Purchase:
To purchase use the link below. Cost is 100.00 if you would like design files as well please purchase below and then contact me for design files. Design files (ACCDB) are 250.00 additional and are useful if you want to use it as a start for a custom design in Microsoft Access.


Network Use Version 1_14N:

Version 1-14N  shown here is designed for network use (although not required).  It has all the features of 1-14 but with expanded features. 

In many cases multiple operators or the desire to see the database on multiple computers without worrying about copying and deleting and figuring out what is the current data.  In other cases the need for different screens for different users is desired.  The network version accomplishes this by having a central data (back end) and a user interface (front end) on the users different computers.

We have included 3 front ends and the full independent 1-14 version as the back end.  The three front ends are: A management front end interface with full control and view of all reports. A Order entry/edit front end interface without the ability to see company earnings.  A customer entry screen where customers can enter their own information (no other data shown). The Back end is version 1-14 and can be used independently if you choose to not use the network front ends. The back up button makes a copy of this back end with a time date stamp where ever it is located.

To connect to data back end the back end is also installed and must be initially connected to the front end using an easy browse dialog button.  The back end is initially installed to current users documents/Infosheets/CustomerRelationalDatabase1-14-BE.accdr  but may be placed anywhere after install such as a network drive (just relink by easy browse if moved or renamed).

There are some major advantages to a split design and also a few disadvantages.

1 Separation of data allows better back ups and safety of having user interface separated from data.
2 The ability to have 1 data source and numerous networked computers connected to it.
3 Multiple operator use.
4 Different front ends for different users.

1 it has a start screen instead of all info on one screen.
2 It has two files instead of one so is less portable.
3 You must connect to back end which requires you to browse to its installed location the first time you use it.

To Purchase:

Cost is 150.00 The add to cart link is below. If you would like design files as well to make a more custom project please purchase below and then contact me. Design files are an additional 250.00.

Importing data into database see below video

Some customers have existing databases and needed this feature to save hours of entry.  Importing data is a very powerful yet possibly dangerous as it adds information to tables.  Double entries or bad information makes a database require hours of corrections.  It is best to copy the database file prior to import and periodically as a backup (It is installed in your documents in the Infosheets folder).  Export does not alter database so does not have this risk.

To Import choose one of the tables (The primary table is called Customer).  It is best to export an excel sheet then delete out its data (preventing changing old data or double entries) leaving only 1st row of column titles.  Open your new information excel sheet and move your data to the exported Excel sheet in the correct columns (column names must be left alone they match field names in tables).   Once exported sheet is completed with new data use  import.  It is best to leave out id column as they will be auto entered if duplicate id is found it will not be added to table.  Since Importing data may cause duplication or wrong information in table be sure to back up(copy) your back end prior to importing.


Ver: 1-14N Network version.  This is the same as 1-14 but with the addition of a start menu to have a separated front end / back end design.  Uses version 1-14 as back end (included) so can be used separately if desired.   Back up is of back end regardless of location with time date stamp (which can then be used independently).  Added 2 new views of customer data for better customer data manipulation.  3  front ends included.  One with backup and full reports for management.  One without reports for non manager entry and one without customer browsing for entry by customers.

Ver: 1-14  Added drop downs to include products, categories, descriptions and the function of bar code scanning. Improved  Receipt printer  function.   More reports including: Income limited by description.  Product, Category, Description inputting and editing.

Ver: 1-13 Added backup button.

Ver: 1_12N Network version.  This is the same as version 1_12 with the addition of a start screen and separated front end (User interface) and back end (data).  Designed for network use.  It also has an editable back end design (accdb file).

Ver: 1_12 Removed start screen and put all functions on customer form for easier use.  Removed backend separation due to confusion of use by customers and complexity.  Made more portable and easier to use.

Ver: 1_11 Changed calculations of income and accounts receivable to allow partial payments.  Also changed to require amount pd (previously assumed if date pd entered).  Changed quick entry check off box to auto enter amount pd to match amount due along with previous date pd to match completion date if checked.  Added Import and Export of full database to Excel.

Ver: 1_10 Cleaned interface adding icons to all buttons and drop down lists to give more space on forms. Now has 4 buttons to run selected reports View, Print, Save, Email for quicker actions. Save button allows 10 different file types including Excel and PDF. Added reports including Data tables so all data can be saved into excel files. Changed calculations to allow partial payments.