The need for an Excel passord generator Is often talked about in security reports that 8 digits of a 26 character code (typical leter based no caps or all caps) can be busted in 3 1/2 minutes.

A popular security password cracking generator ophcrack can easily be downloaded. With the easy availability, and the fact that cracking system are based on dictionary and tables that people are more likely to use first, to truly create a perfect code we need true random using many more characters.

My desire here was to make a top level Excel random password generator. it needed a choice between using extra symbols vs ease of typing alpha/numerical keys but regardless it needed the large 62 character base (A-Z),(a-z), (0-9) and the option of adding the 31 character to equal a full 93 characters.

Other Excel design choices were:

  • Excel functions needed high randomization
  • Varying length for specific apps.
  • Choice of using symbols for super security.
  • It needed integration to other Excel spreadsheets
  • A copy to Excel’s clipboard if you want to use for Internet or outside apps.

High level Excel password randomization

Simply using rand function is not a guarantee of full random function or password. Most experts state that rand is still machine generated and is somewhat patterned. They recommend a double rand command. To accomplish this I created a table of 3 columns each column has 25 entries randomly created. Then a fourth column randomly selects the password entry from each row. This is as random as I think is feasible.

Varying password length

Using all of the allowed 25 digits of this excel password generator is a bit excessive as an 8 digit 96 character has 7.2 Quadrillion possible password combinations and would take a super computer 83.5 days to crack. So how longwould a 25 digit 93 character based password take? I set my passwords on 10 and feel this is acceptable.

Using symbols in password

Symbols are what makes passwords so uncrackable having the option allows the choice of the 62 major character A-Z,a-z,0-9 or the inclusion of the extra 31 symbols for super security creating 93 characters.

Integration to Excel is a must. So many people, from businesses to personal, build password lists but lack the availability of an integrated Excel password generator. To integrate with other sheets in the same workbook I created a paste new password macro on the Sheet 2 shown below. This allows you to paste a password in any high-lit cell. So highlight where you want it and hit “Insert New Password” you can even continue hitting it until you like the password. Settings are used from page 1 so it has adjustable settings. So the IT department of a company can incorporate their own custom sheets or a personal password storage page could easily be created from the sample I created see below.

To download please use checkout cost is $15.00 U.S.