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 Boy on clean carpet

Boy on clean carpet public domain Flickr

The controversy– With the contrary opinions of cleaning processes out there, we find a few that should be unbiased. Since the authority in carpet cleaning is the  IICRC, we would expect them to tell us what is best. But,  since they have members of most cleaning methods, how can they alienate one part of their constituency.  So, we must find another source that can be more objective in recomending a carpet cleaning method.  

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Photographing a wedding is certainly not easy but with today’s cameras a lot of the work is done for you. continue reading…

Home Cleaned and Staged by Inland Valley CleaningStaging 101

As a professional home stager, I know getting your home to have the right “look” will get your home sold fast and for more money.  To obtain that “look” here are some points to follow. continue reading…

 Smoothie Advantages

Smoothies are the perfect food: Quick, healthy, tasty and refreshing.
Options include:  All fruits, vegetables, protein powder, wheat germ… the list is endless.
Leftovers are easy just freeze in a ziplock and remix when needed. continue reading…


To shoot a wedding video takes decent equipment and a lot of practice/preparation.

I recently shot my brother in laws video and while stressful it was rewarding. This is what I discovered:  continue reading…