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Boy on clean carpet public domain Flickr

The controversy– With the contrary opinions of cleaning processes out there, we find a few that should be unbiased. Since the authority in carpet cleaning is the  IICRC, we would expect them to tell us what is best. But,  since they have members of most cleaning methods, how can they alienate one part of their constituency.  So, we must find another source that can be more objective in recomending a carpet cleaning method.  

Who is the authority?  Who has the most to gain by telling you the best method.  Well, the answer is the carpet manufacturers.  Manufacturers must guarantee their product, and anything that lessens their livelihood, or decreases their referral rate, would effect their decision.  So this then, is the most reliable reference. 

Carpet manufacturers are the authority, but of the hundreds of manufacturers, which one do we choose to give us information?   Well,  it turns out the industry is not that large.  It is estimated that 90% of the United States carpet is manufactured in Dalton,  Georgia.  Using an index of all Dalton Georgia,  I systematically went through the carpet manufacturer’s websites.  I eventually discovered that most were specialty or smaller carpet manufacturers.  Should I weigh a small time manufacturer with a large one? 

Which Manufacturer to trust?  Going through commercial sites that sell residential carpet, I found three manufacturers were the most common.  Then going to each of these three company’s websites, I found that they proudly announced their place as one of the worlds largest producers.  I then found sources that repeated that most carpets are manufactured from these big three reference.   So finally I found the quotable group.   The largest of these three  is Shaw Industries.  The other large companies are Beaulieu and Mohawk. 

The Big Three – So what do the big three recommend well I linked to their recommendation sites for you to read for yourselves. 

Shaw  not only recommend Steam but requires it for warranty.  Owners most show periodic cleaning using this method.  They cite their own research that finds that Steam cleaning has the most “capability for cleaning”.  

Beaulieu also requires steam cleaning  for warranty.  Their site states: “Your warranty requires that your carpet be professionally cleaned by hot-water extraction every twelve (12) to twenty four (24) months” 

Mohawk separates itself by not specifying on their site but does refer questions to following  CRI recomendations. CRI then recommends deep cleaning at 12-18 months.   CRI  then posts that Mohawk recomends steam cleaning in their summary of manufacturers recommendation. 

Steam or Hot Water Extraction (the correct term) is therefore the manufacturers recommended procedure.  Since 2 of  the three largest require Steam cleaning and the other has CRI display their recomendation of Steam cleaning it can be stated that Steam is the manufacturers recommended procedure for most residential carpet in the US.  If you are in the Temecula area you can call me for Carpet Cleaning.