A concrete calculator in Microsoft Excel can be found in many locations, but many won’t tell you the number of bags for self mixing nor give a total cost. What makes this one of my favorite Excel applications is that it uses no VB its formulas include Herons triangle so all triangles can calculate. It ends with bag needs and then comes up with a total cost. A must for all contractors and any handyman.

My Design creteria included
1) Get bag needs not just cubic feet or yards
2) Get Cost by being able to insert bag costs
3) Change bag yields for different strength/maker of concrete
4) Calculate triangle area without regard to Acute, Right, or Obtuse (uses Herons Formula).

This Excel Concrete calculator was initially created for a contractor and was found to be accurate according to concrete bag makers formulas, however he did find that he had to add 2 bags for a 25 bag need. So realize that no calculator can be perfect due to waste and moisture level so have extra for the just in case situation.

To download it may be purchased for $7.50 from: