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The need for an Excel passord generator Is often talked about in security reports that 8 digits of a 26 character code (typical leter based no caps or all caps) can be busted in 3 1/2 minutes. continue reading…

This past week I decided to sell some used stuff on Amazon.  To my surprise 2 of the items sold the same day but with Amazon’s large cut I wanted to save money on shipping. continue reading…

On Saturday January 2, 2010 I listened to Leo laporte”s  radio show (a favorite) and was amazed to hear someone still had never owned a computer, further Leo recommended an Apple MacBook  laptop for its ease of setup. A PC (Windows) however is much more useful, and cheaper.  So, to avoid this travesty I decided I needed to make a pc set up guide.  continue reading…

The best way to compare laptops is the windows 7 experience index score (also found in Vista).  It is part of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system so it is available on new units and allows computers to be checked within the store.  For some reason it is hard to find these numbers posted so I went to Walmart and tested each of theirs. 

 After carefully writing down the stats I returned home only to discover I needed to verify a few things that didn’t make since.  The biggest problem was Walmart doesn’t clearly identify model numbers so I had to check boxes and look on bottom of some laptops.  So after 3 trips and a lot more research I created the chart above,  phew! continue reading…

Purpose of tutorial: When I got Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, I had some experience with Photoshop so the transition wasn’t too hard, but books were sparse and videos seemed to be more ” look what I can do” then an actual tutorial, so I studied its manual and then decided to create the tutorial above for you web folk.  Aren’t you blessed?

continue reading…

Making an ecommerce site used to be hard but now its made easy with the worlds largest web host.

 Recently my Mom decided she would like a website store to sell her SMC merchandise and some other products. The SMC company offered to sell her a site thru another co., but they don’t offer that much control and charge way to much both for the initial site design and the monthly fee (I personally think it’s a rip-off).  So I decided to make her a site using my favorite host 1&1.

 I  Got an ecommerce plan for 4.99 per month for 6 months and then 9.99 per month after the introductory price. With no setup fees and good customer service I think it’s the best deal available. Here is her completed site so you can see what is possible using their easy interface. I did not do any html editing and it came out fine. You may click on it to visit her site and even buy something if you like :).

continue reading…

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 Smoothie Advantages

Smoothies are the perfect food: Quick, healthy, tasty and refreshing.
Options include:  All fruits, vegetables, protein powder, wheat germ… the list is endless.
Leftovers are easy just freeze in a ziplock and remix when needed. continue reading…


To shoot a wedding video takes decent equipment and a lot of practice/preparation.

I recently shot my brother in laws video and while stressful it was rewarding. This is what I discovered:  continue reading…